Here’s what I am grateful for this 2020 Thanksgiving season and here’s what I am hopeful for in 2021: TED LASSO.

Here in the States, Thanksgiving just passed which means I am expected to count my blessings. Yes…

TITLE: Places & Spaces: To where (and to whom) will you belong after the pandemic is over?

Ten years ago, well before anyone was even thinking about a global pandemic, my mom’s friend Dianne started a business. It was called The Third Door. The concept was this: the first door…

First off, I am a white woman. A white woman who is very aware of how much she has benefitted from white privilege, who has worked most of her career in education reform serving minority students, their families, and the teachers who serve them, and who once took an online…

Sophia Kokores

Founder of OPM Collective, Connection Experience Designer + Coach

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